November 5, 2011

Hot Chocolate 5k

Last minute decision...I decided to run the Hot Chocolate 5k since I didn't run the 5k last weekend (my brother canceled and I wasn't going to get up at the crack of dawn to drive over an hour away to to do a race by myself and have to go to the burbs Saturday night for church. The reason I was doing it was to run with my brother and see Kaylee. Kinda defeated the purpose if he wasn't running.)  I was really disappointed. I knew that would be the last race of the season for me and was excited to try to run a 10:00 minute mile.  I only ran twice before today since the Bucktown 5k (early October) since I wanted to give my ankle time to heal.  And today that lack of running was totally obvious.  I had one of my worst running paces ever. :(  The course was, once again, way too crowded with too many people walking and groups of people walking in a wall and whats with bringing your young kids to run with you when they end up walking most of it!? I think I'd be a lot less critical if not for the steep price this race cost to enter.  But I am really thankful I signed up and got up this morning to go run.  As I always say, there's nothing quite like being able to run down the Chicago streets before 8:00 with a bunch of other people.  I really love running!   And love running an organized run all that much more!

*picture was the beginning of the race the first 1/4 of a mile

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  1. I can't even imagine doing one of those races, but hearing people talk about them all the time, definitely peaks interest!

    Glad you did it!