October 3, 2011

Monday Meanderings

I have been wanting to post now all week about everything that's been going on but because I've been so busy, I haven't had time to post.  So here is all of it at one time!

Last weekend my uncle (Dennis) and Marilyn came down on Saturday to see our place and meet Cooper.  We had such a nice time with them, took them to one of our favorite burger places then went for a walk through Old Town. Cooper was absolutely out of control though.  Something I'll probably post more about later...I think he's just being a puppy but he has SO much energy, usually at the most inconvenient times.

Sunday I had my friend, Stephanie's, bridal shower which was lovely.  I just love the idea of showering someone with gifts for their marriage or baby.   Those of us who got married later in life can really appreciate their bridal shower.  :) Time to replace the old banged-up college mismatched pots, pans and broken can opener, and melted spatulas with shiny non-stick "lets learn how to cook" ones!

Monday I did something I've never done before...I went to a movie all by myself!  It sounds so grown-up doesn't it?  No, it's just that I feel like so many people frown on it and think the person has no friends if they go alone.  Well in all honesty, that is exactly why I went alone that day.  Jason was out of town, it was in the middle of the day when the rest of the world was working and who could I convince to see a move I HAD to see while still in the theater..."The Lion King 3D"  That was one of my favorite movies when I was in high school.  I bought the soundtrack and used to listen to it in my car so knew every word to the songs and must have watched the movie every night falling asleep for a solid year.  I know every word to the movie and was all smiles or tears through the entire show on Monday.  They did an excellent job making it into 3D and I am SO happy I saw it while it was still out. :)  I loved reliving my rather innocent high school days all over again in the theater. Might I add...why was The Lion King ever intended for kids?  Definitely not one I'd bring my future little ones to see! But for me, it was joyous!

My plans on Wednesday were canceled due to the monsoon of rain we experienced all week but have rescheduled for today...so more details on that later. Don't laugh but on Wednesday night, I went to another movie with my friend, Andrea...we saw "I Don't Know How She Does it."  Being the huge Sex and the City fan that I am, I wasn't going to miss seeing a Sarah Jessica Parker film while it was still in the theater.  I went in with zero expectations and came out pleased..it was a really cute and romantic film.

Thursday something really unexpected (but good!) happened.  At the last minute I was invited to an interview for 3 school-aged children (well ones a teen) and got the job!  It all happened literally overnight but will now completely fill my schedule until December. I have the trial dates planned for this week so if either of us think it's not a good match, then I can get out of it, but I'm super excited because I can tutor them with their homework (which will help spice up my resume) and I'll start bringing in some cash flow again! Plus, I think it'll be fun to be with 3 girls at that age...but maybe I should wait to say that until after I've met them?

Thursday was great because I got to pick Jason up from the airport. :)  He ended up being on an earlier flight so we had a few hours to spend together before bedtime.  When he travels we don't really talk much and when we do we both don't have much to say but once we're together, I don't shut up so it's nice when we have time to catch up before Friday starts. :)

Friday I had Stephanie and Bernardo's wedding which was in Wisconsin.  Jason wasn't able to go since it was on a Friday at 4:00 so I went alone.  The drive (there) was beautiful and the wedding was amazing.  It was held at a museum barn near Lake Geneva and was just gorgeous.  Since it had started to rain a little right before it was to start we all went inside so I got to see where the reception was being held and every detail was in place.  The wedding was just as pretty and encompassed Stephanie and Bernardo's love for the Lord.  They even used God's Knot like we did at our wedding. I was so excited when I told Stephanie about it and she ended up using it.  That night was a great way to finish up the crazy wedding season we just went into.  It was just beautiful.  Congrats again Stephanie and Bernardo!

Saturday was a day of errands...then we went to dinner in the burbs with a few of my friends.  We had a delicious Italian dinner but had to come home early because I had another 5k yesterday morning.

Since I'm already babbling, I'll share that school is going really well right now.  I do have a TON of observation hours to do in the next 6-7 weeks with very specific assignments but I just keep telling myself I am almost DONE. My teachers are great and I think I am learning more in these two classes than many of my others.  I'm in a class that is in their first quarter of grad school and its finally pretty obvious to me how much I have learned since my first class, so that is exciting to me!

I have another busy week ahead and will keep you all posted on the job.  :)  It is going to be a very busy next couple of months but that's probably a good thing so I'll be a little more ready for when I begin student teaching and have to be up every morning 5 days in a row.

Happy Monday all and thanks for stopping in!

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