October 16, 2011

More Fun with Horses

We live a couple blocks from Noble Horse Theater, the oldest equestrian center, dating back to 1871!  We have walked passed the barn countless times and I've blogged about how we pet the horses here. So when I saw a groupon for tickets to their Halloween show, "The Legends of Sleepy Hollow," I jumped on two tickets. We had tickets to the 3:00 showing on Saturday and knew it was BYOB so we brought a couple beverages. After we got there I learned they also sold popcorn.  Heaven for me!

I was so impressed with the show! I'm sure it had to do with the fact it was just a couple blocks from us but how fun! After the show, they even let the guests pet the horses and let the kids go for a quick ride, how sweet! (No, I did not go for a ride...as tempted as I was. LOL)  I just thought for the price and location, it was well worth it. :)  If we had kids who liked horses and we still lived in the city, we'd definitely be having their birthday party at Noble Horse Theater!

mmmmmmm popcorn, well whats left of it (I ate every last kernel)

horse jumping through fire!

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