October 25, 2011

Weekend Fun with my Favorites!

Last Sunday (2 weeks ago) Jason and I went out to the burbs to hit up the pumpkin farm, Sonny Acres, with our cousins and their kids.  We had a great time watching them ride ponies and the rides. I love being invited to do "kid-friendly" things. :)  Not to mention how much I love those kids!

Then this past Saturday Jason and I headed back out to the burbs to pick up our niece, Kaylee for her first sleep-over in the city!  We lucked out and had lovely weather so we were able to take her to the park and for a long walk with Cooper.  By the time we did all that it was time for dinner.  Then we we had about an hour of playtime and then bed.  She was SO good and SO MUCH fun!  She has such a great little personality!

Can you see her excitement headed to the city!?

A little too much excitement!

 Snack time!


Look at that face!

We love you Kaylee!

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