October 16, 2011

Last Week at this Time...

We were hiking in Wisconsin.  As in years past, Jason and I usually book a fall trip to either Michigan or Wisconsin.  In 2009, it was in Wisconsin at Devils Lake that Jason proposed.  Awww.  So this year we decided to relive the magic and head back to the spot where he proposed.  We left on a Friday and stayed at the Dells.  Having a dog really limits your hotel options but we found one!

The weather was incredibly warm for October, probably in the upper 70's and all sun!  We began the morning with a hearty breakfast at Denny's then headed off to Devils Lake.  I wanted to do some trail that I thought was just behind another trail but quickly learned as we were hiking up rocks and stone that we had to go over the bluff to get to the trail that I wanted.  We later learned we had hiked up and down the most difficult trails at the park.  Awesome.  It was a lot of fun though and since everyone and their mother was hiking that day with the gorgeous weather, we were able to go at a slow enough pace that it didn't seem that hard.  And proud mom moment...our Cooper did amazing!  He stayed on the trail perfectly.  It certainly wasn't dangerous at all where I felt like we would get hurt but if Cooper had gone up one of the wrong rocks or stones he could have slipped but he never did.  He stuck right by us. We also let him swim for a whle which he loved. :)

After hiking we went to dinner for some pizza and beers.  It was super early and we had a lot of time so we decided to go go carting.  We hit up Mount Olympus and rode all the go karts and roller coasters.  Jason liked one of the roller coasters so much he rode it alone 2 more times. (I felt like I was going to throw up after my first ride.)  It was such a fun night pretending like we were ten again!

Sunday morning we tried going horseback riding.  I had found a place that would let us walk, trot and canter but when we got there we found out the ranger was on suspension or something?!  So no horses for us.  We went back to Devils Lake for more hiking and did the trail I had wanted to do the day before.  It was still a pretty strenuous hike.  Coop did great again!  On the way home we were sure to hit up a cheese place.  Yum.

Love, love, love our October get-aways!!  Thanks Jason, I love you!!

From the top 

Good little hiker!!

At the bottom...he was tired!

Happy family :)

Super happy dog!  He's not so tired anymore...just give him some water and he wakes right up!

Go Karting

Fun times!


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