June 25, 2011

Cubs Sox VIP

Jason and I, along with my Uncle Dennis and Marilyn had Cubs/Sox tickets at US Cellular for Wednesday night. Jason found out a couple weeks ago that he would be traveling and wouldn't be able to go. Being that the Cubs haven't been playing well and I am not a huge fan of going to US Cellular because of the way Cubs fans are treated by Sox fans I'd probably have sold the tickets. But since we were going with my uncle and wife, I decided it'd be fun and invited my friend, Brooke.

The night of the game around 4:00 Brooke texted telling me she had some really exciting news and wanted to confirm it was just us going to the game. I told her we were meeting my uncle there and she continued to tell me she has amazing seats, behind home plate, scout seats. I tired to figure out a way to make it work so I could sit with her and also sit with my uncle but after thinking about it and discussing it with her, I realized there was no way I could pass these tickets up. I then learned there was free food and drinks, before and during the game. In hindsight, I guess I didn't really know what to expect. I was feeling bad for ditching out on my uncle for better seats since I havent' seen him in a couple months and also didn't really understand all that really came with the seats.

When we got to the game, I realized it was similar to US Cellulars Stadium Club which I blogged about here. We could have as much food as we wanted before we headed into the game. So I ate. A lot and had a couple mojitos.

Then we headed into the game. Even though Brooke had told me the tickets were first row behind home plate, I didn't think that's really where we'd be sitting. But we were. I think I was kind of in shock the whole evening! There was a server who came by every five minutes or so and brought us whatever food or drink we wanted. She handed out ice cream bars left and right along with hot dogs and pretzels. I was able to order popcorn all night, so I had a continuous flow of popcorn in my mouth at all times. (one of my absolute favorite foods!) My phone didn't work most of the night (I heart AT&T) but near the end of the game we learned my mom and dad could see us on TV. It was almost freaky having my mom tell me from 40 miles away to stop talking to the gentleman next to me. It was one of the best nights of baseball I've ever experienced, and that's saying a lot considering it was at US Cellular (usually a place I despise!) and the Cubs lost. I just love baseball and being in those seats reminded me so much of why I love the game. It's always been a dream of mine to go to as many stadiums as possible before I die and that was truly the best seat I will ever be able to sit in and hope to cherish that memory forever. Brooke, I cannot thank you enough for inviting me to sit with you, it was the best night of baseball I've ever been to. Thank you!!!

Dinner before the game

View from my seats

Rahm Emanual was just a section over!

Zoomed in view from my seat!

After the game -- WOW

And a view from the TV....HA -- Yes I took this of my own TV after the game. That's Brooke and me on the left! Amazing night!!!!!!

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