June 23, 2011

Trip to Cosley "Zoo"

This week I took Kaylee to Cosley Zoo in Wheaton. I've been complaining all summer that it hasn't been "summer" weather. Well wouldn't you know, the day I decide to bring a 10 month old to a zoo, it's 90 degrees out. And boy did the zoo stink!

Minus the humidity and stinkiness, we had a really great afternoon together! I don't get to see Kaylee nearly enough and she is just a doll to be with. I tried teaching her all I knew about the horses and ponies that were there but she seemed most interested in the llamas and owls. (I assume it's because they moved the most?) She also loved when the donkey made it's obnoxious hee hawing. :)

After the zoo we went to meet my family for dinner to celebrate my brothers birthday. She was so excited to see her mom and dad! From that moment on, she was all smiles! I am so in love with this girl, she is just the sweetest, cutest little girl!

all smiles

Loving from Grandma!

Happy birthday Shawn!

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  1. Very nice! Kaylee said she really enjoyed the day and hopes to get to know you better!! By the way, that brother of yours is pretty good looking!