July 29, 2010

Last Paper is Complete!

Do you have any idea how excited this makes me?? I can now write blog posts like the last one and can almost enjoy the rest of summer. I say almost because I still have to attend class tonight, next Tuesday and Thursday but my mind won't always be thinking about the paper/studying I should be doing! And wouldn't you know, I finished the paper last night and brought only my computer and devotional to work with me. Of course that would be the day Brandon sleeps the most and the internets not working! I have about 13 bridal magazines, 3 Real Simple, 3 Self, and about 6 books sitting at home waiting to be read, but nope, I decided only to get caught up on Internet-required type activities today. :) Isn't it amazing how much we (or at least I) rely on the Internet for our daily lives? Thank goodness for my iPhone so I can at least get caught up on my blog! :) so excited for a break from schoolwork! I already have my next few weeks planned with many outings with friends and Jason and lots of wedding planning to be completed! Yay summer!!

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