July 16, 2010


Wednesday night I decided to play hooky from my Sign Language class. As I said in the last post, my vacation last week was anything but a vacation. I was in the mind-set that I had every day off from work and would spend those days at my apartment packing, catching up on wedding planning and just doing fun vacation-like things, but instead did my observation hours and had a paper due Thur night and was just crazy, crazy busy. So I decided that I would take off Wednesday night from my sign language class (it's a non-credit course...so no letter grades) but then Jason told me his work was going on some boat on Lake Michigan the following Wednesday and that I was invited, so it made sense to go to class last week so I could miss this week. Well sometime last week we found out the they weren't allowed to bring guests but I still decided I was taking my Wednesday off! I had the best evening! This will sound so silly, but I was able to get gas after work without having to rush off to somewhere, I went to Old Navy for flip flops, then I went home and ate my dinner on the balcony. Then I rode the el up to Diversey and ran home making a pitstop along the lake to pray and just take the night in. It felt so nice to not have to be somewhere and just stop for a night to enjoy everything that's going on in my life right now. Everything is happening so fast and I feel like I don't have time to think right now. I went from being so incredibly bored without a job or school and now every waking minute is filled with something so it was great to be able to recharge. If I can hold myself accountable for learning all the words each week (thanks to ASL iphone app that teaches me!) I may be taking the rest of Wednesdays off so I can enjoy whats left of summer and BEING ENGAGED!!

this was the view from where I stopped to pray and enjoy the night

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