July 16, 2010

1/2 of my Summer Observation Hours

Last week I was on vacation from work but it was just as crazy busy as any other week because I had to do half of the required observation hours for my summer psychology course. I spent two of my days out at one of the schools in Tiffany s district in Romeoville. While I was upset for having to be out in Romeoville at 8am on two of my vacation days it ended up being a great experience. I observed a kindergarten class of about 10 kids who were all Special Ed. The kids were great and the teacher was really good with the kids. The teachers aides were also wonderful with the kids. There were three aides and one teacher so there were plenty of times when the aides could have been chatting it up with each other but were instead right there engaged with the kids. Even during recess, they were swinging their hips with the hula hoops or shooting baskets. I felt like I learned a lot in the 2 days that I was there by observing them. And as much as I love little kids, I didn't enjoy this age as a special ed teacher. I have so many more observation hours left to do before I graduate so I will have plenty of time to work with every age group to really decide what I'll enjoy the most but it was a good experience to learn that kindergarten probably isn't it! Thanks Tiff for letting me observe, especially on such short notice!

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