October 5, 2010

Married Fun Begins

I've been waiting to post anything until after I post the wedding post but I have no idea when I'm going to get the professional pics so the blog will have to continue without it for the time being. As I said in the last post, being married is completely different than being engaged. I'm sure a big part of that has to do with us not living together before we were married (long) and the very obvious part of our relationship that most of you know...but also there's so many things about it that are just "different." One of the things that I've made intentionally different is that I am cooking on a regular basis for Jason and I. I had this sort of epiphany a few days after we were back from Mexico. We were at my grandma's showing her the video to our wedding ceremony and we were discussing me cooking for Jason. My grandma was telling stories about how she used to cook every night for her family and dinner was on the table when my grandpa came home. I firmly believe that if we don't start these habits of nightly dinners, it won't automatically change when we have children and I really want the tradition of our children and husband sitting down together to dinner as many nights as possible. So I mentioned to my grandma that the biggest issue I have is that Jason and I can't ever decide what to eat, that Jason won't help me set the menu. And she laughed and said, "Oh I didn't ask grandpa...he just ate whatever I gave him." That's when it hit me...I just need to set the menu each night and we'll have dinner on the table. From that moment on, I was very excited about making this work! We have it set up that on the nights I have class, he's on his own and then I'll cook 2-4 other nights depending on what we have planned for the week. And with me being in class 2 nights a week and the other million things we both have in the evening we know in advance every week where we'll be so it's easy to plan. Last week I started really easy, one night was tacos, the second was chicken Parmesan and the third night was my mom's delicious chili. We don't really have a dinner table yet so the IKEA coffee table had to suffice. It was kind of funny as I took one of the pictures because it made me realize that some day we'll look back at how our first week of marriage we were eating off my cheap IKEA coffee table as our diner table, but I think it is these kinds of memories I'll always look back on so very fondly.

First I will learn how to cook, then I'll work on the presentation so don't judge!

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