October 17, 2010

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Lockwood

September 18, 2010 was the most amazing day of my life. There is not a thing I would do to change any part of the day. We prayed about nearly every detail of the wedding beginning with the location and resort, down to the finer details like my dress but especially about the weather since we went during the rainy season. I am still completely in awe that every prayer was answered, especially the weather which was iffy every night leading up to the “rehearsal night” through our ceremony! The evening before our day we entertained our guests with a show provided by the resort which included entertainment and excellent food. Then we all headed outside for a bon fire complete with what I’ll call the Mexico version of s’mores and of course unlimited beverages of choice. It was a good opportunity for our guests to mix and mingle and for all of us to have a relaxing night before it all began. Jason and I decided not to share a room so he was in a complimentary room the resort provided us with, but it was in the other tower, so I was really nervous about being lonely during the night and when I woke up. So I made him bring a walkie talkie and leave his phone on (in Mexico…which you know the rates in another country are not cheap!) But as it turned out, I fell right asleep and slept like a rock. I woke up around 7:30 and it was shortly after that, that Jason called to say good morning before he headed out with all the guys on an ATV Tour. I had plans to meet Laura and Meredith for breakfast at 9:30 but wanted to spend some time on the balcony praying and spending some time with God. As it turned out, I took a look over the balcony to the beach and noticed that they were already setting up for our wedding. I completely lost it. I was crying so hard (all happy tears!) that my day had come! It was surreal to me…that this was the day that I was getting married! I’ve never bee that girl who thought much about my wedding or had my dress or any other wedding details planned. But I have been through some tough relationships and almost immediately after my last relationship ended, I decided it wasn’t up to me and gave my future relationship(s) up to God. I completely let go and realized that He had a plan for me and I’d meet my Prince Charming. I made some changes in my own life regarding relationships and from that day on, began praying for my future husband who would have to be a Christian and would already have a relationship with Him keeping Him first at all times. It was amazing to me that only 5 months later that God brought that person, Jason, into my life. And I’m sure I have shared somewhere on this blog the story of how we met and how different of places we were at the time and how just a short month later, God reintroduced us. Awwww. So that morning was an emotional one, thanking God for bringing me the most amazing man to spend the rest of my life with. It almost felt like I didn’t deserve to have what was about to happen really happen. Not to mention that we had nearly 30 people there with us in Mexico to celebrate this day with us. I wish I could have spent more time thanking God that morning and just taking it all in, but as I said, I had a date with the girls for breakfast to get to! I was practically skipping to breakfast with way, way, way too much energy. I forced myself to eat some yogurt and fruit before I was off to the spa to meet friends and family while they got their nails done. About 12 of us all got our nails done while sipping mimosa and then my mom and I both got our hair done. I was slightly nervous about how my hair would look since I hadn’t spent too much time researching and certainly didn’t have a trial but it turned out 100 times better than I’d have ever imagined. Our trip back to our room was an interesting one as Jason was headed up to the spa for a massage and I was nervous about running into him. Meredith did a great job keeping watch to make sure I didn’t run into him and dodging anyone who came along the way! All of us girls went back to my room and got ready…Andrea did my makeup and a bunch of girls helped me into my dress…there was some problem with the hook or something? Haha! We had about 3 hours to get ready so we planned to go take pictures with just us girls but somehow those 3 hours seemed to have turned into 5 minutes and before I knew it, it was almost 6:00. All of us went out to the balcony to learn it started drizzling, which seemed to delay the ceremony from starting, but allowed us all to see the guys and guests starting to be seated. Honestly, there are no words to explain how I felt when I was looking over the balcony and saw Jason walking down the aisle to the “alter” for the ceremony. I got so chocked up I had to walk back inside, and the best way I can describe it now is that I was and am so in love with him. We got our call from the wedding coordinator to head down to the beach and the next thing I know the girls were walking ahead with their groomsmen. I was an emotional wreck! When my dad came around the corner to walk me down the aisle, I couldn’t even make eye contact with him or I knew I’d start bawling. As soon as I came around the corner to where I could see Jason at the end of the aisle, I lost it…just started crying like a baby. After taking Jason’s hands, I tried to be “in the moment” of the ceremony but it was too hard. It went by quickly but the one thing I’ll remember was holding Jason’s hands through the whole thing and being the most excited that I’ve ever been in my life. Our minister was perfect, the Bible reading was beautifully done by Andrea. Jason’s Uncle Curt sang a gorgeous version of “You Rise Me Up” and Tiffany read a verse and reading about “God’s Knot” which we did instead of a unity candle or sand. The exchange of vows and rings couldn’t have been more perfect. (again, me getting a tad chocked up over the vows!) The ceremony was finished with a prayer that Jason’s mom, Judy wrote. It was the most wonderful time of my life filled with more emotions than I didn't know were possible. The next couple hours were spent taking pictures with our photographer then the reception with our friends and family. Jason and I took about a 10 minute time out during pictures to just catch up on the day (we hadn’t seen each other all day!) and sip champagne. Though it was only 10 minutes, that was probably one of my fondest memories of the day…even though I’m sure everyone was watching and many were still taking pictures, it was our time together on our special day to be together and I am forever grateful of that time. The reception was so much fun complete with our first dance, our father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance and wedding party dance. We had a cutting of the cake, then all hit the dance floor for the remainder of the night. We had maracas made with our names and date which read, “Shake for a Kiss” and they were definitely incorporated into the dancing portion of the evening. The last song the DJ played was “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas and everyone was dancing (more like jumping up and down, maraca’s in hand) through the entire song. It was the perfect way to end the best day of my life! I am so grateful for the friends and family that were there with us on that special day. It meant more than I could ever say to have friends and family there with us and I am confident that the weekend was a blast for everyone. I couldn’t be more excited to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. I thank God every day (many times a day) for bringing us together and look forward to all He has in store for us together as a couple and family in the years to come.

pedicure...look at that view behind me!

loved my hair!!!

Andrea did my makeup for me :)

Us looking off the balcony at everyone being seated...me about to lose it when I saw Jason walk down the aisle

Dad walking me down the aisle, me crying

the kiss!

our ten minutes...my favorite part of the day

I loved how the cake looked and it was two flavors...one kahlua and the other chocolate!

Our last song, everyone jumping up and down to "I Gotta Feeling"


  1. What a great post - definitely worth the wait! I was SOOOO happy that I could spend that day with you - amazing! Can't wait for this weekend :-)

  2. Stephany, You will be so glad you wrote these feelings and thoughts down. Believe me, in 14yrs it will be hard to remember the details. I really enjoyed reading about your big day. I can't wait to meet you this weekend.

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to learn details about your wonderful day! I was thinking of guys that weekend, wishing I could be there. It sounds so wonderful. So, I guess this makes us step-sister-in-laws? Haha, doesn't matter, I guess we're just family:) Congrats!

  4. Loved your recount of the day! So much emotion and love in your post! I love it!!
    And it was a treat to see some of the pics I hadn't seen yet :)
    We are so glad we were there with you in Mexico watching you become Mr. and Mrs.!

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  6. Congrats Steph! What a beautiful post - I loved reading all the details. And you were such a beautiful bride!! I cannot wait to celebrate with you on Saturday!