October 21, 2010

Beautiful Fall Day

I'm not one for cold weather, I absolutely detest winters in Chicago. So it's no surprise that fall is my second least favorite of the seasons as it's just the precursor to cold temperatures. Fortunately, this year, the fall has really seen some great weather. It was pretty warm in August and September and even last weekend in October it was in the 60's or 70's. Yesterday and today have been gorgeous. Temps in the 50's and sunny! I decided I better make the most of the days we have left before I become a hermit and took Brandon and Izzy on a walk through Wicker Park. Izzy had her head sticking out the window the entire trip there and back and Brandon enjoyed the walk as much as I did as long as the sun wasn't in his eyes. Today we did the same thing but instead headed to the West Loop's new park, Adams-Sangamon Park to let Izzy play at the dog park while I fed Brandon his bottle. (sidenote, if you're in the area and have kids or dogs, definitely check this new park out) We all had a blast and it was such a treat to be able to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather before it all changes to cold, wind and snow!
View from Adams-Sangamon Park

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