August 4, 2010

Weight Watcher's is Working!

I have finally hit a milestone of the diet worth mentioning...I've lost 10 lbs! It's been a long couple months of trying to lose some weight, I go up and down so often. They say not to check that scale every day but how can I not? I've learned I'm most motivated by when the scale goes down, then I eat well all day, but when I gain, I just get discouraged and don't care as much, but then the next day I get more discouraged at my poor food choices and jump back on it because I feel bad for what I ate the day before. The weekends are the hardest, especially since I've had a shower, party, road trip or anything else planned that keeps me from sticking with my daily 20 WW points. I've also learned that the trick is incorporating what Weight Watchers calls Activity, something they really stress but I just don't have the time unless I get up and go before work but that isn't EVER going to happen. Last day of class is tomorrow so I am confident that I can start working out regularly again and am really excited about that! :) Having my pants be too baggy has been really enjoyable...I have one belt and it's ugly and falling apart but I love that I have to wear it with most of my pants! I'm sticking with this diet and hope to lose another 5-10 lbs before the wedding...I can do this!