August 4, 2010

Final Shower - This Time in Iowa

2 weekends ago was my last shower, this time it was in Sioux City, Iowa at Jason's Aunt Bonnie's. It was a joint shower for Laura and myself which worked out really nice so we could both be at each other's showers. We decided to break the drive up and stay a night in Des Moines, then head out to Sioux City for the shower, then go back to Des Moines for the night before heading back to Chicago. I was really against that idea and wanted to drive straight through, but once again, Jason was right and that was the best decision. It was so much driving for such a short amount of time! But that short amount of time at the shower was so worth it. Bonnie and Dawn did such a great job, there wasn't a thing they forgot! There was enough food to feed an army and it was ALL delicious, she even had sandwiches cut out in the shape of hearts and a two tiered cake complete with a cake topper! It was fun to re-meet many of Jason's aunts and cousins that I have only met once or twice. Plus as much as I don't want to live in the country, it is always fun to be there and hear all the birds and bugs chirping. Not to mention how gorgeous that part of Iowa is with green and hills. Thank you Bonnie and Dawn for the shower and everyone for coming to celebrate with Laura and I.

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