November 12, 2009

Noticable Changes

So I'm almost through week one of really trying to get into shape and eating better. I've kind of eased into this with trying to eat better, drink less wine and incorporate some form of daily activity in on a daily basis. This week was the real deal! Monday I took Sophie for a walk/run. She was so good as a running partner, never stopped to smell anything and every time I stopped to walk, she turned around and gave me a dirty look, so definitely a good motivation to keep me running. (who wants to disappoint the cutest black puppy?) Tuesday I went to an ab class at the gym. It's Thursday and it still hurts to cough, sneeze, bend over, breathe, etc. Wednesday I met with a personal trainer. I have 2 more sessions left from back in the day and thought I'd get good use out of them. My new trainer, Adriene brought me brought me through the typical orientation/assessment. I shared my goals of losing 10-15 lbs, gaining muscle and basically just getting myself into shape again. Today I went to the gym and did the elliptical, so today makes 4 days straight of doing something! We've been eating better too and not drinking. It's Jason's birthday and we're not even toasting with a glass of wine. (that was not my idea...I think birthdays require a glass of wine!)

We'll see how long I can keep this up but I'm off to a good start! :)

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  1. Way to go Steph!! As if adorable Sophie isn't enough motivation, how many days until the wedding? Fun!!