October 4, 2009

Willow Chicago Turns THREE!

Image by Steve Bailey, 2009

Today was the 3rd Year Anniversary of Willow Creek Chicago! I absolutely love this church and all it has done to help strengthen my relationship with God. Yes, that picture is really of a typical Sunday morning! Our services are held at The Auditorium Theater on Congress, what a gorgeous theater to worship every Sunday! I've already explained how I got plugged into Willow Chicago in my baptism post, but not a Sunday goes by that I don't appreciate Willow Chicago's diversity and appreciate all that God is doing in the city through the Chicago campus. It's been almost a year since we have been without a pastor and while I admit that I have worried about what this might do to Willow Chicago's attendance it is milestones like today that remind me that we are stronger than ever! I love all the girls I met in my first Willow small group (also where I met Meredith!) and my current group is more than an answer to prayer. (more to come on this group in the coming weeks/months) I am fortunate enough to serve at the Connections Desk once a month where I am able to help newcomers get plugged into community at Willow and in Chicago. Though I am not currently a member, this is something I am praying about and currently feel led to join once we get a pastor in place if not sooner. I also hope to get involved in a serving group, lead a small group and learn more about leading a group to Baja in the coming years.

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