October 24, 2009


In May of '07 the church I used to attend (Park Community Church) put together a babysitters list which would be distributed to parents who attended Park. The idea was to be that this list was only shared between those attending Park, which would serve as a way of finding a babysitter who shares the same Christian values...however, that wasn't the case and I was getting calls for different babysitting opportunities weekly. The jobs ranged from one-time jobs sitting at a hotel for children from another state while their parents attended weddings to full time 8-5 nanny jobs. Obviously the full-time jobs weren't something I was able to do but the hotel jobs worked well several times and paid really well!

In June, I met with a family who lived 2 blocks from my apartment and met Andrew, a 6 month old, who I would start watching every Monday. Here it is over 2 years later and no post on this blog can explain my excitement in being able to share in all of Andrew's milestones. At first, it was when he would be able to sit up, then when he started crawling, and walking...then his first words. (he went from not even attempting my name to saying it nearly perfectly!) Now in the past couple months he is potty trained and in a big boys bed. He even switched rooms...to make room for his new little sister who is expected in the next couple weeks!! (AHHH!!!) From the very first day I started watching watching Andrew, he has always been smiles and laughs. I've never met a baby, now little boy, with such a happy outlook on life. Every night I tuck Andrew in I tell him I love him and I really mean it from the bottom of my heart. It's been such a wonderful opportunity to be part of his life on a weekly...now about a bi-weekly basis. I am so blessed to have been part of his life the past couple years and cannot wait to meet his little sister in the next few days/weeks!

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