October 15, 2009

Healthy Choices

Jason and I are attempting to eat better and work out. My goal is to lose 10 lbs. I have no idea what that will look like, I may need to lose more after that, but 10 lbs is my starting point. It's hard to eat a low cal/low fat diet, especially while dating Jason who chooses pizza when we pull up to Panera to get salads because there's a Little Caesar's next store offering $5.99 medium pizzas! (wondering at what point he's going to ask me to hold him accountable!?) I know I need to cut wine out but that's quite a challenge too! I'm thinking that the stress from dieting may cause me to drink more wine...so why cut it all at once, right? Baby steps. We've been making more of an effort to take the stairs and walk (at a brisk pace!) everywhere. I've even started using that XSport pass as more than just an accessory on my keyring. I'm also hoping Meredith and I will begin Saturday morning pilates again. (LOL, again...I think I met her there once last Spring!) I love working out and love even more the way it makes me feel afterwards! I also have PLENTY of time on my hands to fit a work-out (or two...or three) in a day, so no more excuses!! Won't someone hold me accountable for this? Or better yet, anyone want to join me on this way to a healthier living?

*above image from tin8toppee's blog

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  1. I hear ya on this. My last boyfriend was really good about eating healthy with me. The current one is HORRIBLE. Always wants to eat bad foods, eat out, etc. Picky eater, doesn't like veggies. It's really hard to eat right when you don't have the cooperation of the person eating with you most of the time. I mean, let's be honest, pizza looks better than salad any day of the week!