October 14, 2009

#629. Raising Dorks

One of my favorite blogs is written by Jonathon Acuff, called "Stuff Christians Like." He is in the process of writing a book very similar to his posts in his blog. I thought this post was not only funny (as most of his are) but also enlightening. Jason teases me all the time that if it was up to my my children are going to live in a bubble, but I don't agree. Yes, I will be protective but I also I want my children to experience life which means they're going to have to fall a few times. (and hopefully bounce right back up!) That's all part of growing up. Though I am aware it may be odd that I keep sharing other peoples blogs on my blog, I really liked the way Jonathon wrote about this topic. I hope for any parents out there who may read my blog you will take a minute to read what Jonathon has to say about children growing up as dorks. And if you don't already I highly recommend you checking out his other posts for a good chuckle. :)

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  1. i loved that post as well and was going to mention it on my blog as well. he is just so good.