July 28, 2009

Weed Wacker Vs. Lawn Mower?

I have this guy who lives across the street from me and cuts his grass with an electric weed wacker...ALL of his (and his neighbors) grass by hand with this weed wacker attached to a really long orange cord leading into his garage. So every time he cuts his grass I get really annoyed because its this choppy humming/cutting noise. Start. Stop. On. Off. Vrooom. Vroom. Reeeehhh. Reeh. Errrrrr. Reeeeeerrrr.

My question is: It IS weird to cut your entire lawn with this tool, correct? I mean honestly...I grew up at a house with a couple acres...and all those homes around me also had a lot of grass, so it was always riding mowers or at least push mowers. Then I lived in a college town where there wasn't any grass because we always just walked all over it and killed it. Then in the city...well there isn't much grass in the city and if there is I probably wouldn't have thought anything of someone using a weed wacker to cut the grass because it's the city and I've learned not to question anything anyone does down there. But it is weird, right? Generally you invest in some kind of mower that's more efficient than a weed wacker when you cut your grass every week?

I'll let you know when he's done and it's back to peace and quiet so we can all open our windows/doors again!

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