July 16, 2009

Sam - The White w/ Grey Cat

Sammie was crawling all over me while I was trying to do my study tonight which made me realize that my boys are not anywhere on my blog!! How do I not have any pictures up of my 2 babies!?

Since it was Sam who was responsible for making me have this realization I'll share about him tonight and Chaz will be soon!

Sam has a very odd personality. I always say my cats are dogs trapped in cat bodies, but Sam definitely has some cat qualities in him.

One of Sam's favorite past-times is that he loves to be "up" on everything and anything, as long as his paws aren't touching tile carpet or wood floors. However, Jason cannot stand the cat hair on anything and it's like Sam knows it and immediately climbs onto his bags the second he sets them down. Ahhh, Sam is comfy! Personally, I see him like this and it makes him all the cuter!! :)

As I said, Jason cannot stand the cat hair and is constantly "threatening" me to shave them...especially Sam. So one day he told me he was going to give him a hair cut. I heard the scissors snipping away but I thought he was just kidding around. These pictures don't show nearly what my poor Sam ended up looking like. Jason assured me he would have looked much better if I'd have let him finish. Poor Sam! I was just glad Chaz didn't beat him up for looking funny!

Lastly, as I said, Sam loves to climb all over me when I am on the computer or reading. So here is some cute ones of him needing more attention than the study I was trying to do. I got a little annoyed after about the 3rd time of pushing him off but he really makes me smile!

song-of-the-day|Party all the Time|by Eddie Murphy/Rick James this has been the song 2 days in a row?! It doesn't get any more random that this!! Shawn...remember when we were playing that "game show" and you played this song and I kept saying, "party all the time, party all the time, party all the time"...and you told me that wasn't the name of it...and then moved onto the next song!? LOL

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  1. What a little character!! I love how he was laying over the paper you were trying to study!