July 28, 2009


I posted some pictures of my boy, Sammie. So now I post some pictures of my other baby, Chaz. I got Chaz just 3 days after my childhood cat, Sylvestor had to be put to sleep. I didn't mean to go get a new cat but I somehow ended up at the Anti-Cruelty Society. Chaz picked me out, crying and begging for attention so I took him out of the cage and he was crawling all over me, purring up a storm and sneezing every other minute. I told the volunteers that I didn't really come in to bring a cat home, so I would go home and sleep on it and if on Monday he was still there, I would know it was meant to be. But being that Anti-Cruelty is NOT a "no-kill shelter" and Chaz already had the cat equivalent of the "kennel cough" they assured me that if I waited even one night, he may not be there in the morning but instead in kitty heaven. So the choice was made and I was sitting in the "check out" just a few minutes later signing the papers to have him neutered and would be picking him up just 24 hours later. I found out he was about 4 or 5 years old when I got him...and he was originally found in DuPage County. (aww, that's where I grew up!) That's really all I knew about him except that he was FILTHY dirty, covered in mud and other unknown substances. It was suggested that I take him in for a professional bath but when I took him home he was way too sick for a bath. Honestly, I will never understand why he was there for any more than a day...he was the friendliest cat I've ever met at a shelter! I was so blessed that he was there when I got there...he's made me SO HAPPY!!

I'm pretty sure there is no better fit for me than Chaz. He needs a lot of attention (just like me.) He gets lonely really easily, (just like me.) He loves to sleep and takes naps (just like me.) and the list goes on. Chaz isn't your typical cat. He is more like a dog. He literally fetches...you can thrown him a ball and he will chase after it and bring it back to you. He ALWAYS comes when he's called. He ALWAYS greets you at the door. He follows me everywhere I go. I panic if I am sitting in the living room and realize hes not in eye sight. That's how often he's around. He also does this weird "Chaz thing." It's normal for cats to knead, but he does it for long lengths of time and purrs all the while. Fortunately, Jason clips his claws for me, otherwise it's really annoying.

He's just chilling. :)

When I shower, I generally clean my ears with q-tips...and from the first day I had Chaz, I learned that when I threw the q-tips into the trash, he would bat at them and try to knock them out, so it's become sort of a game. I throw them to him and he catches them with his front paws, then puts it in his mouth, jumps down and carries them out into the living room. He's gotten pretty good at this and generally catches them on the first try. Weird, I agree!

Another favorite past time for Chaz is to unroll all of the toilet paper when I am not looking. This picture doesn't really capture it well but basically he unrolled the rest of it and then sits there all proud.

This one is from last week...I let him out on the porch/baloney. He loves it out there, but I don't trust him very long! I'm sure it won't be long before he'll be jumping onto the landing next to the balcony where the squirrels tease him from.

So I have a bunch more pictures of him all cute...but I'll save those for another post. Chaz really is my baby, I love him more than I think is healthy for someone to love a cat! But he's my bud and once you've spent any amount of time with him, you'll probably agree he is one of a kind! :)

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