February 18, 2011


I should be studying...I have a lot thats due in the next 5 weeks but I can't concentrate. I'm too giddy about our little Cooper who we're picking up tomorrow morning. I've been too excited all week. And the gorgeous weather we experienced didn't help my cause at all. I cannot imagine how exciting it must be when you find out you're pregnant and have to wait 9 months to meet your little peanut who has been growing inside you, not to mention the last month! It must be ridiculously difficult! I put it on my Facebook today that we're headed out to Wisconsin tonight, then picking him up tomorrow morning. I got lots of feedback about bringing extra towels and trash bags, blankets, etc. in case he gets sick and for the expected poo and pee accidents he's bound to have. We're actually bringing two puppies home with us so we can expect double the accidents. Coopers brother is coming home with us because his soon-to-be parents are from Michigan and its easier for them to just drive here rather than make the long trip all the way up to Wisconsin. I'm starting to wonder why we offered to do this, but I think Cooper will appreciate the extra company his first night. (They're not picking him up until Sunday). Just to give you an idea of Sam's excitement, he seems to be very open to Coopers arrival, keeping both of his crates warm until he's here. :)

Inside Coopers crate!

Cooper's temporary crate until he's a little bigger

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