August 19, 2009


So I'll admit it, the horse snob in me came out the past month. Or as I have been referred to in the past, the "english snob" in me came out. But I am writing this post to straighten that all out.

I started seeing the ads for Cavalia a few months ago...well so did all of Chicago, who could miss them? There's bill boards EVERYWHERE and every 3rd cab has the white horse with the long flowing mane atop it's roof. It didn't help that one of my least favorite people's magazine (Oprah...GAG) was claiming it to be "Breath-taking." I take nothing Oprah or her peeps say to heart...I believe she is one of the most fake people ever. (I'll save all my thoughts on her for another time) but back to my point...I had seen Cirque du Soleil a few years back and though it got all these rant reviews, I was less than entertained. I figured this would be like that but even worse because it would be some artists trying to impress us with acrobatic moves on top and under horses.

I starting getting emails and texts from friends telling me me how great it was and that I should see it. Unfortunately, the tickets were really expensive and I already had/have my fair share of entertainment expenses for the summer. However, Jason and I found out our week-long trip to San Francisco was canceled and that same day I found out that Cavalia was only here through the end of this week. When I told him this info he said, "Lets do it, I'll pay for it." (isn't he wonderful!? That's another post for another time ;-)

We went last night and I think my jaw sat on the ground for 90% of the performance. As O Magazine (ugh) said, it was "breath-taking." Thank you to all my friends who told me I should go. It was well worth every penny! (easy for me to say too since I didn't have to pay! LOL...Thank you and love you Jason!)

**The picture above was my absolute favorite part of the performance. She was absolutely astounding!

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