May 20, 2010

Plant it Pink - Garden of Hope

It's been so long but I am glad to finally have a minute to update my blog! First picture I wanted to share was the beautiful tulips that I love to see each Spring. When I did my internship at the DuPage County Health Department I helped with a project to raise breast cancer awareness called "Plant it Pink. - Gardens of Hope" The Women's Wellness Coalition (which I LOVED being part of for the short 4 months I was there) found areas all over DuPage County that would plant pink tulip bulbs in October (breast cancer awareness month) that would spring up every April/May and when they did, there would be signage to accompany the flowers reminding women to get their breast cancer screenings. So every spring when I pass the Health Department, I think of the days I worked there and the amazing people who helped to shape my public health career. (LOL, what little I had of it!)

Are you doing your monthly breast-self exams? As I was reminded by my woman-parts doctor last week, I am NOT but will begin!! Hope you do too!

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