May 29, 2009

My First COUCH!!!

Generally, when one moves out of their parents house they have to buy a bed, maybe a dresser, microwave, TV, a fan, and a few decorations, but it's fairly normal to get a couch, right? Most people would consider a couch to be a staple item for their new home. Well my first move was into a very small studio in Boystown; small but it was perfect for my budget. It was just me and Sylvester and we didn't need anything more than my papasan chair and bed. But once I moved into my one-bedroom apartment on Southport the very first (and only) purchase would be a new IKEA couch. I went to IKEA, paid them to deliver it and I sat in my apartment anticipating the arrival of my new couch!!

I just went through my old blog to see what I could find about the arrival of the couch. See below...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Initial Plan Was to Write From THE COUCH. The New Green Couch That I Was So Excited About.

Yeah, that didn't happen. Green couch didn't fit up the stairs. No. That's a lie, it fit up the stairs just fine. Its those darn meters. I kinda had that feeling that it wouldn't fit up the stairs. Instead, I sit here typing this on my ugly, black, cat-haired, futon mattress, that was left by previous apt renter...ick ewww, gross, nasty, UGH. Well at least the cats are right next to me. I'd insert a cute picture, but my computer's been sent out by Best Buy to be my "extended warranty." So as I sit here, I need to say 2 awesome things that keep happening. 1)I can hear the red/brown line...LOVE IT!!!
2) My tree's leaves rustle and take me to the country. I love this place. Despite the couch incident, which is really making me mad, not even just mad, but makes me really really sad....I REALLY wanted that couch. Yet, despite the couch thing....this place is great.....oh there goes the el again! :) Happy Chicago Apartment #2. Here is a picture of what I ended up using as a couch...

But now...nearly 3 years later, I GOT MY COUCH! I was walking to the YAB meeting last night and this couch jumped out at me from the Children's Memorial Hospital's White Elephant store window. It had a reasonably priced sticker on it, so I went to check it out this morning. After some quick negotiating by Jason, I became the proud owner of my first couch. Jason loaded it up in his SUV, drove it out to Wheaton and together, we carried it up the stairs. (Think Friends episode with Rachel and Ross...pivot...PIVOT!!!) I know it probably seems odd that I am so excited about a couch but I'm ecstatic! (I literally have a smile on my face as I type this.) Yay for a new couch! :)


  1. YAY! YAY! YAY!!!!!! You look so cute on there :)Chazzy too! (Shoot, I am second guessing myself, is that Chaz??)

  2. Wow Stephanie you look great on your new couch! Glad there is room for it, I am sure it will accomodate all 4 of you at once, unless the two "darlings" aren't allowed on the furniture. You know I never allow Callie or Sophie on any of our furniture, countertops, tables, etc!! :)

  3. i love that you're so excited about the couch and i can just imagine you and jason moving it in "friends" episode style. congrats! it looks really nice!! now aren't you glad you came downtown for the meeting on thursday?!

  4. Glad that you were able to get it up the stairs!

  5. i'm so happy you have a couch that makes me smile so big. enjoy!